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Entry to China while keeping 100% ownership

Opening the Doors to Asia's Markets with NOQii China

Venturing into the dynamic markets of Asia-Pacific requires not just courage but also a deep understanding of the regional complexities. NOQii China is your premier partner in this journey, providing unparalleled expertise in navigating the business landscapes of the East.

Our services ensure you maintain ownership of your intellectual property, a critical component for your innovative products and services.

As we guide you through the regulatory mazes and cultural nuances, we leverage our extensive network to establish your presence in the APAC region. At NOQii China, we don't just help you enter the market, we help you thrive in it. Our seasoned team is committed to your success, offering strategic insights that transform challenges into opportunities. Embrace the potential of the East with NOQii China.

NOQii China Ensures You keep ownership of your company and IP

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With NOQii China, you're not just expanding your business; you're also protecting it. Intellectual property is your competitive edge, and our expertise ensures it stays with you, even as you grow. We're not just advisors; we're partners who invest in your long-term success. Discover how NOQii China can make the vast APAC market your business playground. Visit us to begin your expansion with the right guidance.

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live science
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Octopus punches fish in the head —just because it can

Originally from livescience.com

Why do octopuses have eight arms? The better to punch fish with, new research reveals.These brainy cephalopods sometimes team up with fish to find food; hunting collaboratively like this allows them to cover more area, and it increases their chances of catching prey. However, when big blue octopuses (Octopus cyanea), also known as day octopuses, are displeased with their fish partners, they demonstrate their ire by suddenly punching the fish in the head.The octopus lashes out using "a swift, explosive motion with one arm," in an attack "which we refer to as punching," scientists wrote in a new study.

Octopus punches fish in the head —just because it can

Temporary hunting alliances between octopuses and coral reef fish have been documented for decades and can involve multiple participants of various species, the study authors reported Dec. 18 in the journal Ecology. Sometimes, fish and octopuses will work together for more than an hour, with different species scouting different locations. Octopuses pursue prey that dart around rocks and into tight spaces in the reef, while bottom-feeding fish such as the yellow-saddle goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostomus) scour the seafloor, and other fish species patrol the water column, according to the study.

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GeoSpace • Free Webflow HTML website template • 2021 • By JP
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GeoSpace • Free Webflow HTML website template • 2021 • By JP

This startup wants to build VR headsets with 'human eye-resolution'

Originally from techcrunch.com

Earlier this month, Google virtual reality head Clay Bavor discussed the company’s efforts on a mind-boggling 20 megapixel screen that was currently under development. The screens would be a staggering 17x resolution improvement on displays in current generation VR systems like the Rift and Vive. They would also be totally unusable, because at the frame rates needed for VR, such displays would burn through 50-100 GBs of data per second.The key for working this out would be utilizing a technology called foveated rendering to track where a user’s eyes are looking and ensure that only the area at the center of their vision is being rendered at full resolution.While this will undoubtedly be a technology that enables the future of high-end VR, it’s still one that relies on expensive displays that aren’t even widely available yet.

A Finnish startup is positing that they’ve come up with a way to bring human-eye level resolution to VR headsets through a technique that will direct a pair of insanely high-resolution displays to the center of your vision. With current technology, the company claims this will enable perceived resolutions north of 70 megapixels.Varjo, which means “shadow” in Finnish, is looking to bring this technology to higher-end business customers by next year at a price of “less than $10,000” according to the company.

This startup wants to build VR headsets with 'human eye-resolution'

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Why show off this tech now? Largely because the company is currently raising cash stateside and was just awarded a few patents related to these technologies last week.I had the chance to demo a prototype of the company’s technology last week using a modified Oculus Rift headset with Varjo’s display systems embedded.I suppose the best testament to the company’s technology was that I spent most of the demo questioning whether my eye sight had actually been improved. After being dropped into an apartment scene, I was almost disturbed by my ability to read the spines of books on bookshelves several feet away.

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